How a person takes care of themselves reveals a lot about their personality – and this is certainly true of how well looked after a person’s teeth are.


Elleven Dental Wellness is one of London’s leading dental practices, renowned for their unparalleled multi-disciplinary service that ensures high-quality, end-to-end patient care. Here, they discuss 5 things you can tell about a person from their teeth.


1: They’re a party animal – if someone has unhealthy teeth, it can be the result of lots of binge drinking, added with the fact they probably don’t brush before collapsing on their bed once home (and too many drunken takeaways!) They may also fall foul of the Prosecco Smile – with too much sparkling wine rotting the teeth!


2: Health issues – if a person has missing teeth during an age where they should have a strong, full set, this could be an indication that they may be suffering from a condition such as osteoporosis which results in weaker bones and could cause early tooth loss.


3: They’re lazy – it’s simple: those with bright white smiles and strong teeth must take a lot of time to look after their pearly whites. Those with yellowing and problematic teeth probably miss quite a few dental check-ups and only half-heartedly brush (let alone floss!)


4: Whether they smoke – if their stinky smoker’s breath doesn’t already give it away, long-term smokers may have tell-tale signs of black-brown staining on their teeth, along with yellow discolouration.


5: Mental health issues – anxiety or stress issues may result in teeth grinding, which will eventually wear away the teeth. Conditions such as bulimia will result in teeth erosion, due to the regurgitation of stomach acid. Bad oral hygiene could also signal depression wherein the person does not have the motivation to take care of themselves, through no fault of their own.



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