As we move into the new year, what resolutions are you going to make to keep your teeth in great shape in 2018?

#1: Make this year the year you gain a confident smile

How would you like to enjoy summer 2018 with a confident, bright smile of beautiful straight teeth?  One of the most common post-smile-treatment refrains we hear, is “why did I leave it so long?”.  If you don’t have the confidence to smile freely, make this January the time you pluck up the courage to come in and talk with one of our team about a smile treatment – there are loads of options, so we can help you decide on the right one for you.  Once you do, you’ll realise there’s no courage required… you’ll only be left wondering why you left it so long!

#2: Cut down on the sugar

Concerns over the harmful effects of sugar are nothing new, but the growing obesity crisis and the sharp rise in Type II diabetes in this country have certainly raised the nation’s awareness of the issue.  The NHS recommends that adults should have no more than 30g of free sugars a day, which is roughly equivalent to seven sugar cubes.  How does that compare with your daily consumption?

Sugar is one of the biggest risks to good teeth health, and with so many positive changes to raise awareness and make it easy for us to choose healthier options, make this year the year you cut back.  And on the occasions when you do enjoy a sweet treat, make sure you clean your teeth afterwards!

#3: Commit to daily flossing

Recent research in the USA has cast doubt on the benefits of flossing, but the NHS still recommends cleaning between your teeth with an inter-dental brush or floss on a daily basis.  As do we – not only does it help to keep your teeth and gums clean, it helps to keep breath fresh too.

#4: Book an appointment with our smile team this January

Post-holiday season blues combined with dry January and the struggle to keep new year’s resolutions to create a rather lacklustre start to the year.  There is no reason why new year’s resolutions should be depressing.  Make it easy to make a positive change by treating yourself to an appointment with our smile whitening team – the easy way to inject some bright and twinkling positive change into the start of your year!

#5: Switch to water

We know drinks like red wine and coffee can stain our teeth, and sugary drinks aren’t good for us in so many ways.  Switching out some of your daily cups of coffee or glasses of pop or juice for water has many benefits – not least for your teeth.  NHS Choices suggests we should all be drinking around 1.2 litres of water per day, in the British climate.  We also recommend that, when you do drink red wine or coffee, have a glass of water afterwards so that it has less of a staining effect.  Booking an appointment with our hygienist is a good way to kick off this new toothcare habit.

What are your toothcare resolutions?  What will you be doing this year to protect yours and your family’s smiles?