Encouraging your kids to take good care of their teeth can’t start too early.  The great news is there are some fantastic digital aids for parents to help encourage kids to keep their smiles healthy.  Major brands and app developers alike have created some great interactive tools to inspire your kids to good oral health.

  1. Colgate

Unsurprisingly, Colgate has got a huge range of resources on its website.  You can search by age to find the advice and products designed for your child.  There’s tips on brushing, cavity-fighting and even the tooth fairy!  The videos aren’t quite as fun as others you can find elsewhere, but there are free apps and games that you can download to encourage your kids to develop healthy oral habits.


  1. Aquafresh

The Aquafresh app is great fun for kids.  Its annoyingly catchy song is designed to keep kids brushing for a full two minutes.  Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles entertain your kids with dances whilst showing them a fun and appropriate way to brush as a timer counts down the recommended brushing time.

Download it here: https://www.aquafresh.com/en-gb/about-us/aqf-app/

  1. Disney Magic Timer

Disney also offers a free app to help encourage kids to brush for the full two minutes by revealing Disney characters and working towards collecting stickers.  The app has been developed in conjunction with Oral B, so to get the best out of it, you really need to purchase an Oral B product.  The countdown includes 30-second sections which prompt your kids to brush different areas of their mouth.


  1. BrushDJ

For older kids who have grown out of the delights of Disney, BrushDJ is a good alternative.  On the website, you’ll find educational videos about problem prevention and good brushing habits, then choose your favourite tunes or let BrushDJ put together a soundtrack to get you brushing for the full two minutes.  It even reminds you when it’s time to replace your toothbrush!


  1. Sesame Street

Although not an app, Sesame Street is worth including here because it features some great online resources to encourage kids to brush.  Captain Super-Ultra-Mega-Smile-Man will explain to your little ones why brushing is important and how to take care of your teeth.  With colouring sheets to print, puzzles, activities, and Elmo’s brushy brush chart, Sesame Street delivers to its usual high standards to inspire your kids.


Of course, regular check-ups are also essential to help keep your little ones’ teeth healthy.  Here at elleven Dental, our team have a great deal of specialist experience in children’s dental care.

Dr Julie Mitchell is our Paediatric Dentist, she is great at making your child feel at ease throughout their dental check-up and treatment, even if your child is nervous about the dental visit.  Dr Mitchell has a wealth of experience in treating children with complex dental needs.

Dr Shivani Patel is our clinical expert in treatments that require jaw surgery and we recommend you book an appointment with her as soon as your child’s adult teeth are nearly all through for an early orthodontic assessment with a specialist.

To make an appointment with Dr Mitchell or Dr Patel, please use contact us.