When it comes to orthodontic treatments, bite blocks play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of braces.

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From twin block braces to block braces for overbites, and double block braces, there’s lots to discover below.

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Twin Block Braces

Twin block braces are a popular orthodontic treatment used to correct bite issues, particularly in children and teenagers.

These braces consist of two separate pieces, one for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. They work by guiding the jaws into a more favourable position, correcting misalignments and promoting proper bite function.

The main advantage of twin block braces is their effectiveness in treating Class II malocclusions, where the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth. By wearing these braces consistently, patients can significantly improve their bite and overall dental health.

Benefits of Twin Block Braces

Effective correction: Twin block braces are highly effective in correcting severe bite issues.

Improved aesthetics: They enhance facial aesthetics by aligning the jaws properly.

Boosted confidence: Correcting bite issues can significantly improve a patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

Twin Block Braces Before and After

Understanding the transformative power of twin block braces can be best appreciated through before-and-after comparisons.

At E11even Dental, we have seen remarkable changes in our patients’ dental health and appearance.

Before Treatment

Before starting the treatment with twin block braces, patients often exhibit prominent overbites, misaligned jaws, and difficulty chewing or speaking. These issues can affect both dental health and overall well-being and confidence.


After Treatment

After completing the treatment with twin block braces, patients experience:

Improved bite function: Enhanced ability to chew and speak.

Better jaw alignment: Corrected jaw positioning for a harmonious facial profile.

Enhanced smile: Straighter teeth and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.


Block Braces for Overbite

Overbites, where the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth, can lead to various dental issues if left untreated. Block braces, including twin block braces, are specifically designed to address overbites effectively.

How Block Braces Work

Block braces function by repositioning the jaws to correct the overbite. They consist of blocks or plates that fit onto the teeth, gradually guiding the jaws into the desired position.

This process involves consistent wear and regular adjustments by your orthodontist at E11even Dental.

Benefits of Block Braces for Overbite

Corrects overbite: Effectively reduces the overlap of the upper teeth over the lower teeth.

Prevents future issues: Reduces the risk of dental problems related to severe overbites.

Improves functionality: Enhances bite function and overall oral health.

What are bite blocks for braces?

Double Block Brace

Double block braces, also known as functional braces, are another effective orthodontic treatment option for correcting bite issues. These braces consist of two separate blocks that work together to realign the jaws and teeth.

How Double Block Braces Work

Double block braces utilise a combination of upper and lower jaw appliances. They are designed to encourage proper jaw growth and alignment, particularly in younger patients.

The upper and lower blocks fit together in a way that guides the jaws into a more favourable position over time.

Advantages of Double Block Braces

Effective jaw realignment: Promotes proper growth and alignment of the jaws.

Non-invasive: A less invasive option compared to surgical treatments.

Suitable for various ages: Effective for both children and teenagers.

What are bite blocks for braces?

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