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The heart of our practice is maintaining a healthy relationship between patients and their teeth. Consequently, we offer general dental services designed to keep things as healthy as possible and nip larger issues in the bud before they get worse.

Elleven Dental

About Our Process

We perform very thorough examinations and check-ups with photographs and X-rays which allow us to detect any areas of concern and we will discuss these with you. If required, we will perform extractions, place fillings, inlays, crowns or bridges always ensuring that the patient is as comfortable and pain-free as possible during the procedure.

We take just as much pride in this ‘bread and butter’ dental work as we do in our most cutting-edge treatments.

The real advantage to working in a practice with specialists from all the different dental disciplines is that we can take a team approach where necessary. If your teeth are not in the right place, Orthodontics may well be the best solution, problems with your gums may mean seeing our Periodontist or if you have worn or chipped teeth then Cosmetic Dentistry can deliver a beautiful smile or you may require an implant. Whatever the issue, we have an expert at elleven who can help you.

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All Your Needs Met Under One Roof

Our general dentistry services range from standard dental examinations, to fillings and crowns, to fitting dental night guards. Our extensive staff roster ensures we can take care of all dental and oral health issues under one roof, with experts in different disciplines all in one place. 

Multidisciplinary planning is at the core of your treatment – we’ll plan your care across all areas of our practice to make your visits entirely seamless.

Whether you need a routine examination, porcelain crowns or want to sign your child up as a patient, our team treats you efficiently and effectively.

You’re in Good Hands

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing!Our highly experienced professionals make it their priority to ensure that your dentist visit is as smooth and relaxing as it can be, and that you leave satisfied with your service. From the minute you arrive you’ll be greeted by our friendly receptionists and walked through the practice by our brilliant support team. Take a seat in our comfortable waiting areas and a concierge will soon be with you to take you where you need to go.

Once you’re in the dentist chair, rest assured that all of our treatment is performed with your overall health and wellbeing in mind. Our team work with a face-driven approach, prioritising both aesthetics and excellent oral health and hygiene to ensure patients are fully satisfied with their results.

New Patients

New Patients

We pride ourselves on the care we provide for new patients.Elleven ensures that our new and existing patients are treated with the best, most innovative practices and state of the art technology.

Contact us today to arrange a new patient consultation, either for adults or children under 10. We also offer new patient emergency appointments for a single fee.

it’s easy to refer to Elleven. Many of our patients are referred by their current dentist for specialist services, or members can sign up to one of our membership packages with reasonable monthly fees and big rewards. See our Membership page for more information.

World Class Training

Beyond years of experience in the industry, our team at Elleven Dental are highly certified in their areas of expertise. Our clinical director Sameer Patel completed his postgraduate degree at Oxford University before being awarded by London’s Royal College of Surgeons. Our clinical lead for tooth whitening, Peta Leigh, is a British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists member and originally certified as a General Dentist with the University of Melbourne, Australia. Paul Johnson, our resident maxillofacial surgeon, has acted as House Surgeon and Consultant at various prestigious UK hospitals and has completed training as far and wide as Seattle and Austria throughout his career.

We strive to keep ahead of new technology developed in the dental industry that makes dentistry more efficient and painless for patients. We believe that providing the best treatment means offering the newest innovations in practices and technology. This approach is why we’ve been named London’s Practice of the Year at the Private Dentistry Awards 2018.

“Never before have I actually looked forward to the dentist, however, elleven Dental provide such a calming, relaxed and professional environment and service, every visit is a true pleasure, which ends with brilliant results.”

James Caan

“Amazing. If I was in the den I would definitely be in!”

“The team at elleven are brilliant, really welcoming and always make me feel at ease.”

“Thanks so much – you are all so talented.”

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  • At our awarding-winning clinic

  • With a Senior Clinician

  • Full & thorough clinical examination

  • Includes X-Rays

  • Dedicated Treatment Co-ordinator

  • Discussion on your personalised treatment plan, payment options with a detailed report

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  • Includes a free smile assessment

  • Live 1-2-1 with our award-winning clinicians

  • Choose between Dr Sameer Patel for Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr Anthony Lam for Orthodontics

  • Discussion to explore your smile aspirations or clinical concerns