Did you know that most common dental problems can be easily prevented? It may seem simple and obvious but brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, eating a good diet, and having regular dental checkups can help to keep common dental problems at bay. 

It is important to make sure that you educate yourself carefully to identify common dental problems in adults and how they can be prevented and treated. 

Bad Breath 

The number one dental issue that adults often face is the dreaded bad breath, also known as halitosis. Although embarrassing, the NHS says that one in four people are thought to suffer from bad breath on a regular basis.

There is a wide range of causes of bad breath, but commonly it is caused by poor oral hygiene. When bacteria builds up in your mouth it produces and releases toxins that cause your breath to smell unpleasant. If you suffer from persistent bad breath, this can also be a sign of gum disease. Eating pungent flavoured foods such as onions and garlic, as well as choosing to smoke or drink alcohol can also impact your breath.

On some occasions, bad breath can also be a result of infection or illness, for example as a result of taking certain types of medication. 

If you suffer from persistent bad breath, our team of dentists will be able to help you by creating a dental hygiene routine. However, in most situations the following can improve your symptoms: 

  • floss between your teeth daily
  • brush your teeth and gums regularly
  • clean your tongue regularly

If your bad breath persists, our dentists will be able to ensure that it is not related to other health matters such as cavities, gum disease, dry mouth, bacteria, or oral cancer. 

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is also known as cavities is another common dental issue. It is caused when plaque combines with sugar and starches from the food you eat in your mouth. This combination can produce problematic acids that ultimately attack your precious tooth enamel. Tooth decay can happen at any age without the proper dental routine. 

The easiest way to prevent tooth decay is by brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and getting regular dental checkups by a member of our team. Diet also plays a big part in avoiding tooth decay. We recommend eating healthy foods that are low in sugar to prevent the acids from causing tooth decay. 

Gum Disease

Also known as gingivitis is an infection in the gums around your teeth. You may have also heard of periodontitis, this is advanced gum disease. If you suffer from gum disease you are likely at risk of tooth loss. Studies have also shown that there is a link between gum disease and heart problems. 

Everyone is unfortunately at risk for gum disease, however, it is most common in over 30-year-olds. If you are a regular smoker, then that also increases your risks. Patients who suffer from diabetes or dry mouth will also have an increased risk. Symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Swollen, tender, or bleeding gums 
  • Sensitive teeth 

It is important to tell your dentist if you are suffering from any of these symptoms as there are treatments out there that can help to prevent gum disease leading to tooth loss. In the meantime, we recommend regular dentist visits, brushing, and flossing to help prevent the gum disease from worsening. 

Tooth Sensitivity 

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, in fact, it affects millions of people across the globe. If you have sensitive teeth then you are most likely suffering from pain and discomfort when:

  • Consuming sugary foods 
  • When going outside in the cold air
  • Drinking hot or cold drinks 
  • Eating hot or cold foods 

Sensitive teeth can also make it painful for you to carry out basic dental hygiene tasks such as brushing and flossing. However, there are lots of treatments available meaning that you don’t have to live forever with sensitive teeth. 

Keep Your Teeth Healthy with elleven Dental 

These days there are so many different treatment options available that common dental issues such as sensitivity or halitosis can be a thing of the past. Our fully trained and experienced dentists are on hand to listen to your dental concerns and help create a dental treatment plan to solve any issues you may be having. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our patients by giving them a smile to be proud of. 

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