“It is our confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” Oprah Winfrey

At elleven we understand that confidence is everything. We’ve all turned up somewhere and felt out of place in what we chose to wear that day; it’s affected how we felt about ourselves and how we interacted. Your outfit is easy to fix, but what if it was your smile that took away your confidence? Confidence in your smile is no small thing and improving it can change a person’s whole outlook on life.

It is not just people with poorly aligned or discoloured teeth who find themselves smiling less and less over the years; if you have an over or under bite you may be unhappy about eating in front of others or you may be embarrassed about a lisp. Your confidence may slowly be eroded.

Lots of our clients consider having treatment for many years but a major event can make them decide to take action; perhaps they want a better smile for a wedding, a big birthday celebration or an important job interview. Sometimes just the fact that they are looking after themselves can make a huge difference to confidence and self-esteem.

At elleven, we strive to help everybody find their smile through excellence in dentistry, so why not give us a call or email info@localhost.

“My confidence is sky-high now. If I hadn’t had this treatment – I can’t imagine – my life would be so different…” elleven patient, Julie.