Veneers are often seen as a quick fix for solving a “wonky” smile.  We talk to Elleven Dental’s Clinical Director, Dr. Sameer Patel, to find out when veneers are the right choice.

When it comes to veneers, the Elleven team are renowned as leading practitioners.  But how does a patient know whether veneers are the right choice for them?

Dr. Patel explains there are usually three treatment routes for a patient when they come to Elleven for veneers.  It very much depends on the outcome the patient wants to achieve – and where they are starting from.

  • When the teeth are in the right place, but chipped and worn, then veneers are the right choice for you.
  • If your teeth are great but not in the right place, then veneers aren’t for you. The solution to this problem is orthodontics.
  • If your teeth are chipped and worn and out of place, then you will need orthodontics first and then veneers.

Dr. Patel says, “It is very important that we make the right decisions.  We want predictable veneers.  Putting the teeth into a good bite position before we start the veneer process will increase the predictability of the veneers as well as the bond strength.”

This is because straightening the teeth ensures it is possible to bond to enamel.  Rather than preparing the teeth for veneers by removing tissue, orthodontics ensures a good bond surface without the need for such an invasive procedure.

What’s more, when you bond to enamel it provides a much better bond than if you were to bond to dentine, the softer substance beneath the enamel that can sometimes be exposed by more invasive preparation.

At Elleven Dental, we always try to minimise the invasiveness of the procedure.  This is not only for the better the results but, importantly, it is better for the patient experience too.

If a patient comes to us with an unhealthy mouth with chipped teeth that are in the wrong place, then we will carry out an “interior design” process to help the patient design the smile they want.  In such a case, there will be multiple points on the journey – but veneers could well be the last step on the treatment plan.

“This is why people come to Elleven,” says Dr. Patel.  “They know we are one of the best dental practices in the country and, when they come to us, they will get realistic, expert and holistic advice.  This way, they can be assured of achieving the best possible outcome.”

Do you think veneers could be the solution for you?  Book an appointment with Elleven today for an initial consultation.