elleven Dental are pleased to welcome our newest member of the team, Tara Francis, Aesthetic Practitioner.  An expert in her field with a great reputation, Tara’s arrival means we are now – for the first time – able to offer aesthetic treatments alongside our dental treatments.

The dental practice is a natural fit with an aesthetic treatment practice – especially a dental practice such as elleven Dental with our existing focus on aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

That’s why we are delighted to welcome Tara to our team.

Tara will be offering aesthetic treatments to help our clients retain a fresh and youthful appearance and feel confident about how they look.

Why have we added aesthetic treatments to our treatment portfolio?

We know from the number of enquiries we receive that currently patients who go elsewhere for aesthetic treatments would value the convenience of being able to book aesthetic treatments with us; at a practice they already attend, with a team they already know.

Tara’s excellent reputation as an experienced and expert practitioner gives us the confidence that we can now offer these services to our customers with the same gold-standard customer service and specialist expertise you have come to expect from elleven Dental.

Do aesthetic treatments really belong in a dental practice?

At the same time, we recognise that some of our customers may wonder if aesthetic treatments really belong in a dental practice.

We feel strongly that they do.

First, dental and facial aesthetics are areas of complementary expertise.  Our team knows a lot about the overall aesthetics of the face.

Second, it is a natural complimentary service for our customers – enabling us to offer a holistic approach to the aesthetics of the face.  It’s quite normal for patients who have completed a successful course of orthodontic treatment or jaw surgery to want to enhance other elements of the face too – for example, following orthodontic treatment with tooth whitening.

Kirsty Rodger, elleven Dental’s Treatment Coordinator, has recently completed her own course of orthodontic treatment.  She was delighted with the results and admits to being slightly sad when her braces came off!

Kirsty explains, “I really liked the way my lip sat on my brace.  It made my lip look a lot fuller.  So when my brace removed I missed that look!”

Now, our range of aesthetic treatments will enable patients to recreate that look – or adjust more slowly to the new look of the face.  Ultimately, it’s another option in our overall goal to give our patients what they need to smile with confidence.

A comprehensive dental and aesthetic treatment plan

We know that major life events – especially weddings, anniversaries and significant birthdays – are often the catalyst for seeking orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatments.

This is because we all want to look our best at important moments in our lives.

As we develop the aesthetic treatments on offer here at elleven Dental, one of the services we hope to provide, and will work with our patients to develop, is the opportunity to create a tailored treatment plan that will help you to look your best in every way on your big day.

This will mean, for example, an opportunity to augment our existing Wedding Smiles service with the new aesthetic treatments Tara will be delivering to create bespoke treatment packages for our clients.

To discuss a bespoke wedding smile service or other treatment package – please call the elleven Dental team.