Every week we see an increasing number of adults asking about orthodontic braces to make the best of their smile. Just this week celebrity presenter, BBC Radio 1 DJ, and elleven patient, Fearne Cotton, shared a selfie showing her elleven braces.

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Fearne is just one client who has taken advantage of high-quality, barely visible braces. Orthodontic Specialist, Anthony Lam, is treating Fearne: ‘We recommended clear, ceramic, fixed braces for Fearne, which have been fitted with white wires. Many people in the public eye are put off the idea of having metal braces, but there are many different options available for a discreet solution.’

The good news is that the latest technology and progress in orthodontics mean that braces can be super-subtle, while achieving an even smile or bite in less time and with minimal discomfort. For the ultimate in invisible braces, some patients opt for lingual braces, these are fitted behind the teeth, so no one will know you’re wearing them. Anthony continues: ‘At elleven, we’re the only practice in London to offer SureSmile advanced 3D image technology with lingual braces, which reduces treatment time by six to nine months with the same exceptional results.’ If you don’t fancy fixed braces, then Invisalign in London is also a popular option. These are near-invisible removable aligners; a popular option with selfie-obsessed teens (including Justin Bieber!)

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