Hygiene visits are often an overlooked part of the orthodontic treatment journey. Here, our treatment coordinator Kirsty Rodger explains why and how hygiene visits are built into your treatment plan.

When you choose elleven Dental for your orthodontic treatment, you have access to our multidisciplinary team of experts all under one roof.

All of our patients have access to our hygienists – for traditional scaling, polishing techniques and an innovative new hygiene treatment; a polishing technique uses high pressure air and water and a specially-formulated powder in a treatment called Air-Flow.

Air-Flow gives a great result and is especially good for orthodontic treatments, as it delivers a particularly great result when cleaning the brackets of your fixed brace.

As a result, we usually create a hygiene package for our patients when they undertake an orthodontic treatment with us. This usually involves scheduling a visit with the hygienist roughly every three to four months. This way, we can advise the patient when to schedule an appointment to keep their braces and teeth clean and in tip-top condition during the course of their treatment.

Patients are also welcome to use the hygienist at their regular dental practice, if they prefer. However, one of the advantages of elleven Dental having our talented multi-disciplinary team is the fact that our customers can complete all elements of their treatment plan under one roof.

So, for patients who are wearing a fixed brace, we can remove the wires prior to their visit with the hygienist. Then, following their Air-Flow polishing treatment, we can put the wire back. This way, the patient can be sure of a very thorough clean.

It also means you are keeping visits down to a minimum – and helping you to fit your treatment plan into your lifestyle and work commitments.

Of course, at elleven we are committed to building a treatment plan that suits you, so we’ll always talk through all these options with you when you meet with our team.

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