The key to establishing a proactive approach to oral health from a young age is bringing in your little ones for dental appointments from a young age.  Here’s why:

Achieving your perfect smile is always easier if you start early.

But, more than that, it’s vital to bring children to the dentist from a young age in order to ensure they have a gentle introduction to visiting the dentist.

It’s important to bring your toddler for a dental check-up to:

  • Ensure they are brushing correctly
  • Ensure there are no problems
  • Get the appropriate preventative measures in place; e.g. a fluoride coating can help to strengthen and remineralise enamel
  • Gain dietary advice for good ongoing tooth care
  • Establish a positive association with visiting the dentist in the child’s mind and to ensure they have a number of positive experiences ahead of the day they actually need treatment

This relationship building is a real focus of our paediatric dental care here at elleven.

Ensuring that the child feels at ease in a familiar environment, and gets to know and trust the dentist who is going to take care of them during any future remedial treatment that may be required, really helps when the day comes that the child does require treatment.

Our specialist expertise in orthodontic dentistry also means that should your child require specialist assistance it is on hand – and your child will feel comfortable in the environment and with the dentist delivering treatment.

About elleven Dental’s Paediatric Dentistry

We might be known for helping our patients achieve their dream smiles, but elleven Dental isn’t only a specialist orthodontics practice.

Our Consultant Paediatric Dentist, Julie Mitchell, is available for appointments on Saturdays. The rest of the elleven Dental team are available to see children for dental appointments during the week.

Our gentle, caring and no-rush approach is ideal for helping to put children at their ease.

To book a dental appointment for your child, please contact the elleven Dental team.