The Harley District of London is renowned worldwide as a medical and dental centre of excellence. – some are living in the UK for a couple of years and others fly in expressly for treatment – and we are very proud to serve such a diverse patient base. We have a cosmopolitan mix on our staff too, with experienced clinicians and support staff from Australia, Germany, Mauritius, Kenya and Eastern Europe as well as the UK epitomising the international flavour of modern London.

The ex-pat community in London is very large and word of mouth recommendation is so important to people who are away from home and their regular dentists. Thank you to all our patients who recommend us to their friends and colleagues in this way. For patients who fly in, our proximity to Paddington and the Heathrow Express and the appeal of the Marylebone area are added reasons to choose us but primarily they are looking for expertise and customer service.

As E11even Dental has become established as a leading dental and orthodontic practice and won awards as the Best Dentists in London. We have seen real growth in our international business and we very much hope this is set to continue.

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