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4 ways to keep your natural teeth for longer

Over time, it’s completely natural that the health of our teeth will deteriorate as they go through the wear and tear of everyday life. But as long as you take good care of your oral hygiene and treat issues as they arise, there’s no reason why your natural teeth can’t be around for as long as you are! Elleven Dental Wellness is one of London’s leading dental practices, renowned for their unparalleled multi-disciplinary
service that ensures high-quality, end-to-end patient care.

Here they give us 4 ways you can keep your natural teeth for longer. 

1. Diet – keep your diet as healthy as possible (which is good for total-body health too) and avoid erosive/acidic
foods and drinks such as lemons, citrus fruits, carbonated drinks etc.  High sugar containing food should also be
avoided. Beware of hidden sugars in dried fruits, milk, all fruits and also fat free or low-fat products. This may
seem like almost everything is bad for your teeth, but it’s important to remember that these things can be enjoyed,
just in moderation and at meal times so that your saliva can neutralise the acidic pH.

2. Oral Hygiene – make sure you know the correct way to clean your teeth and use an electric toothbrush with
dental aids. It’s not enough just to brush your teeth twice a day – you need to remember to floss each and every
day too along with seeing the hygienist every 4 months as routine.

3. Dental Care – regular check-ups ensure no problems go undetected. Don’t wait till the symptoms develop as it
might be too late.

4. Lifestyle – apart from diet, there are other lifestyle tips for improving the health of your teeth. For example, avoid
clenching/ grinding (also known as Bruxism) which can irreversible wear the teeth. Practice
mediation/mindfulness and wear a hard, custom-made night guard to prevent this. Equally, ensure you are
wearing a mouth guard whilst playing contact sports to lower the risk of tooth damage.


Elleven Dental Wellness is one of London’s leading dental practices, renowned for their unparalleled multi-disciplinary service that ensures high-quality, end-to-end patient care. 

Clinically lead by the partnering duo Sameer Patel and Anthony Lam, the award winning practice is a pioneer in the field, with state-of-the-art tools and a stunning clinic which has won several awards. Elleven Dental are inspired by face-driven dentistry that looks at your whole face rather than just one element.

Whether you’re looking for a general check-up, hygiene, or more specialised care – orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implants, periodontics, Children’s dentistry, endodontics, or oral surgery – you can expect a treatment plan that’s fully tailored to you.

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