Many people are put off pursuing the perfect smile due to the perceived lengthy treatment times and the inconvenience they think the process will cause. We are delighted to welcome a new clinician to the Team at elleven who can offer a smile makeover in a day.

Dr Julian Caplan is a renowned dentist and former president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The ‘One Day Smile Makeover’ treatment involves patients undergoing a complete set of porcelain veneers. elleven now have the specialist facilities to create the veneers on-site, making the treatment the ultimate in convenience for those that are pressed for time.

The revolutionary ‘One Day Smile Makeover’ works in the following ways:

    1. There is an initial consultation where patients will have an in-depth consultation to discuss the patient’s desires (they may be dissatisfied with tooth shape, worn, chipped or discoloured teeth)
    2. Following this, Dr Caplan will design their smile in a “trial smile” on a model
    3. On the day of their smile creation the following will happen:
      • Patients will arrive in the morning and Dr Caplan will create the porcelain dental restorations using a system called CEREC, which utilises computer aided design and computer aided manufacture (CadCam). The process involves scanning the mouth with a highly accurate specialised camera that creates a virtual 3-D image of the scanned mouth on a computer.
      • Using this image, the teeth suitable for having veneers or crowns are selected on the screen and various design tools are used to create a virtual porcelain restoration
      • Actual porcelain restorations are then characterised and glazed in an oven. Porcelain veneers are thin layers of porcelain which are bonded to the surface of broken, misshapen and discoloured teeth to create beautiful smiles. The porcelain available can mimic the beauty of natural enamel, allowing full control of the colour of the final result – nobody need know, unless you choose to tell them!


You can find out more about this treatment on our One Day Smile Makeover page and about Dr Julian Caplan on our Meet the Team page.