Many of our patients come to us to enhance and brighten their natural smile and increase their confidence; whether it’s for a wedding day, a big birthday, a job interview or just because they want to look their very best for that selfie moment!

You can look your best for a special occasion (or just because!)
At elleven, we see a growing number of couples preparing for their big day by making sure their smiles are beaming – both for their guests and the all-important photographs. Our exclusive Wedding Smiles package includes teeth whitening as well as straightening, if needed. We often treat the mother or father of the bride or groom too! At this busy time, we provide a relaxing and beautiful environment, and dental expertise with the emphasis on meeting your needs.

Straight teeth the easy way
As you prepare for your big day, we can straighten your teeth quickly and discreetly.

Invisalign braces are clear removable aligners that can be taken out for eating, brushing your teeth or important social occasions. However, most people find no one notices as they are clear and super difficult to spot. No wires and brackets are involved and the aligners gradually move your teeth to the desired position.

SureSmile is a real breakthrough for braces because of the innovative way they are crafted using advanced 3D imaging, virtual simulations and robots to customise the brace wires, rather than bending them by hand. Treatment time is reduced by around six to nine months.

Pearly whites
Tooth whitening can be performed in-surgery or in the comfort of your home. There are many factors which may influence why one technique is better for you. During a whitening consultation your teeth will be assessed and we will discuss treatment timings, past experiences and lifestyle factors before recommending the most effective whitening treatment plan for you.

Beat the stress
Planning a special occasion can be really stressful. You may find yourself grinding your teeth at night for the first time in your life. Teeth grinding – or bruxism – is very common and when done excessively can lead to teeth and jaw sensitivity. Although the condition can affect people when they are awake, it generally occurs subconsciously in our sleep. So what can you do to prevent something you have no control over? Many people have begun to use plastic mouth guards or mouth splints to stop the damage. You can purchase mouth guards from your local pharmacy, but be aware that they won’t fit your mouth as well as if you got them from your dentist where the guards are made using moulds taken of your teeth. Other top tips for reducing teeth grinding are to not consume chewing gum, consciously relaxing the jaw throughout the day and drinking more water.

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