Are you planning a 2018 Summer Wedding?  Now is the time to book an appointment with our smile makeovers team to perfect your smile ahead of the big day.

You both want to look good and feel confident on the biggest day of your lives.

Thinking about the photos you are going to treasure together forever is often enough to inspire brides and grooms to book a smile makeover consultation ahead of their wedding day.

As well as helping to ensure you are both looking great, booking a smile makeover ahead of your wedding day is also a great idea to give you the added confidence boost; helping you to relax and smile with confidence throughout the day – not only for your photos.

Book a Wedding Smiles Consultation with our Dental Team

If you are planning a summer 2018 wedding there’s no time to lose!

Book an appointment with our multi-disciplinary dental team to agree a treatment plan for you that will give you both the smile you desire on your big day.

It may be that we simply schedule an appointment with our hygienists just a few weeks before your wedding day – or perhaps you would like teeth whitening treatment three to four weeks before your wedding day?

However, if you are looking to straighten teeth as well as whiten them, we’ll need to fix braces several months prior to the big day.

Achieve the Perfect Smile

Here at elleven Dental, we are one of just a few dental practices in London to offer the SureSmile programme.  SureSmile is a new way of crafting braces that can have an amazing impact on the speed and effectiveness of the results you see from your aligners or braces.

It uses 3D imaging and virtual simulations to customise arch wires with unprecedented precision – so your teeth straightening programme can have the fastest-possible results.

Our fast, discreet braces include invisible Lingual aligners or discreet white ceramic braces.  If you haven’t achieved the full result by your target date, we can remove braces prior to your wedding day and then add them again after your return from honeymoon.

We understand that planning ahead for your perfect wedding day smile is just one of the many decisions and competing demands for your time in the lead up to your wedding, so we will work with you to build a flexible schedule that fits around your needs.

Come in and talk to us as early as you can and we will build a treatment programme around your needs and desires – so you can both look great and smile with confidence throughout this important day for you both.

Call us to book a consultation:  0207 487 2711