Our very own Shivani Patel was honoured with an invite from the Kenya Dental Association to share her expertise on orthodontics in the 21st century. We like to think that, coming from an award winning practice with expertise in up to the minute orthodontics innovations like SureSmile and the Damon System, she’s pretty well placed.

Shivani’s talk brought to Kenya’s dental community the impacts new techniques like SureSmile and Invisalign have brought to British practises like elleven. She also fielded questions on the UK’s diverse range of career opportunities for gifted orthodontists.

Clearly she did something right, as she’s since been published in Kenya’s leading Asian weekly paper with an article on the evolution of orthodontics.

The event was a massive success, attended by the great and the good of African and world dentistry, all of whom, we hope, were pretty pleased with a bracing session of thought-leading orthodontic oratory…