Join us for a light-hearted dental-themed romp through the alphabet.

A is for Apple. 

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but it won’t keep the dentist from your door!  Fruit might be a healthier snack option, but it is still full of sugar – so make sure you brush or mouthwash after snacking on sugary treats, including apples!

B is for Brave

Because you don’t need to be… we’re all lovely here at E11even Dental!

C is for Confidence

Because that’s what we want you to smile with.  If you don’t, come and speak with our team – we’ll help you achieve a smile which makes you feel confident.

D is for Dentist

Of course.

E is for Eating

We don’t believe that you are what you eat, but we do believe what you eat affects your teeth.  You need calcium to keep teeth strong and cut back on sugar to minimise decay.

F is for Floss

Because you should.  Every day.

G is for Gums

No, not sweets or for chewing… those important things which house your teeth; because they need looking after too.

H is for Hygienist

We have two.  Book an appointment and we can ensure your mouth is clean and healthy.

I is for Invisible

Like our braces.  We have three types to choose from and we’re an Invisalign Platinum Provider.

J is for Juice

Because too many children are drinking too much.  Swap it for water, especially between meals.

K is for Kiss

Another reason to look after your teeth and oral health; to kiss with confidence.

L is for Laugh

Do you love to laugh?  We do hope so!  But if the thought of laughing makes you a little embarrassed, come and talk to one of our dental team today – we can help you fix that. Show off those teeth!

M is for Mouthwash

But don’t use it after brushing; mouthwash your mouth between brushes.

N is for Nervous

Because there is really no need to be.  Our Harley District team are warm and welcoming – one visit and those nerves will be a thing of the past!

O is for Orthodontics

We have a whole range of treatments – if you’re not sure which one is right for you, please call us to book a consultation.

P is for Plaque

Let’s brush it away.

Q is for Quick

Because that’s the speed of our new brace systems – especially when you use our SureSmile Faster treatment with 3D diagnostic imaging and smart wires.

R is for Round

The motion of your brush.

S is for Smile

Not sweet treats, but super oral care – for a sparkling smile of which you can be proud.

T is for Toothbrush

Twice a day.

U is for Unguarded

If you are playing sports, that’s one thing your teeth shouldn’t be.

V is for Veneers

The quick way to fix that smile.

W is for Whitening

Because we can help with that too – it’s when you get your braces off!

X is for X-Ray

Our old school approach, sometimes we need them still.  Even though now for our braces we prefer 3D diagnostic imaging.

Y is for You

It’s all that’s missing from the picture, please do drop in.

Z is for Zing

Though we’ve zipped through this list, we do love the zing of a sparkling, freshly brushed mouth.  Don’t you?