elleven Dental’s multidisciplinary approach is key to achieving the ideal result for our orthodontics patients.  But our multidisciplinary approach doesn’t only ensure the best results for our orthodontic patients – orthodontics also have a role to play in improving the outcomes of other treatments.

As the art of cosmetic dentistry advances, orthodontics is playing an increasing role in the delivery of other treatments.

Here at elleven, we’ve long held the view that a multidisciplinary approach is essential to achieving the best treatment outcome.  It isn’t uncommon for us to use orthodontics to prepare the teeth for other treatments – such as veneers or implants, for example.

Let’s take a closer look at how orthodontics can play an important role in each of these two treatments.

The Role of Orthodontics with Veneers

When a patient decides that they would like veneers they are usually choosing veneers because they want to quickly achieve a certain look: straight, white teeth with an even shape.

However, pursuing a “quick fix” approach can be quite disruptive to teeth.

When you choose a multidisciplinary dental practice, you are able to get an informed overview about all treatment options – and find a treatment plan that will minimise disruption to your teeth so they stay strong and healthy in the long term.

For example, if teeth are crooked, we do sometimes recommend that a patient has an orthodontic treatment prior to fitting veneers.  This way, we can engineer the teeth into the right position prior to fitting the veneers.

Often, this can avoid the need to trim the teeth entirely or, at least, reduce the need to trim the teeth so extensively before fitting the veneers.

This is important because if the teeth are trimmed too much if can make the teeth much more vulnerable later on – and reduce the long-term prognosis of the teeth.

It’s clear from this example that a “quick fix” isn’t always the best choice.  Taking a multidisciplinary approach is a better way to get the result you want while also protecting your teeth for the future.

The Role of Orthodontics with Implants

In every treatment, we want to keep long-term oral health in mind and be as conservative with our patients’ teeth as possible.

This means orthodontics has a role to play to help be conservative when fitting implants too.

With implants, there is an ideal width of bone and an ideal width between the teeth that we are looking for in order to achieve a good fit.  Otherwise, as the dentist screws into the bone they may risk damage to the neighbouring teeth.

This is another important reason to choose a multidisciplinary practice.

When you choose a multidisciplinary dental practice, you may be offered other treatment options to prepare your teeth prior to the implants being fitted.

For example, in some cases we may offer an orthodontic treatment to mould the surrounding teeth.  This allows us to create the optimum space between the teeth and get the best implant result possible. Learn more about our dental implants in London.

Get the Best Dental Treatment Result Possible

Patients come to a cosmetic dentist because they want to improve the way their teeth look.

While you may have a certain look clearly in mind that you would like to achieve through your treatment, there is always more than one way to achieve that look.

Talking through your hopes with a truly multidisciplinary expert dental team will ensure that you achieve the look you desire in the best and least-invasive way possible.

Book a consultation with a multidisciplinary team today.