While a nice cold drink on a sunny day (or even a cloudy one here in the UK!) might be a great way to quench your thirst and kick off the weekend, is it the best thing for your teeth?

The short answer, no. Not all alcoholic drinks are created equal, and caution must be exercised to ensure you’re not causing damage to your natural teeth.

Elleven Dental Wellness is one of London’s leading dental practices, renowned for its unparalleled multi-disciplinary service that ensures high-quality, end-to-end patient care. Today we’re discussing the worst alcoholic drinks for teeth.


1: Prosecco – coming in at number one is everybody’s favourite! But with its acidic carbonated bubbles, alcohol, AND sugar, prosecco is a triple whammy of badness for your teeth. There’s one heaped teaspoon of sugar present in every flute, causing major drama for your tooth enamel – avoid the bubbles and you won’t suffer from the ‘prosecco smile’!


Prosecco, Cava, Champagne – they’re all equally as bad for your pearly whites (in excess, of course).

2: Cider – if you want perfect teeth then avoid drinking cider: this favourite beverage also has a very high acidity which is not very good for your oral health.


3: Dark beers – stouts and ales are off the list if you want pearly white teeth, these drinks heavily contribute to stained teeth. Swap them with a lighter beer or lager! For professional whitening services that can remove even the most stubborn of stains, get in touch with our cosmetic dentistry team today.


4: Liquors– spirits like Malibu are delicious because they are incredibly high in enamel destroying sugars. Swap them for drinks like vodka or gin, as not only are these comparatively ‘healthier’ but they also help fight to bacteria in your mouth – reducing chances of bad breath.


Rum doesn’t quite taste the same without a dash Coca-Cola, but be cautious of these sugar-packed mixers!

5: Mixers – it isn’t always just the alcohol itself that is bad for your teeth, but the mixers that go with them. Classic mixers like Coke, lemonade, orange juice and cranberry juice have a high acidity and a high sugar level that wears down enamel. Swap them for soda water or tonic!


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