Here at elleven we always try to sprinkle some magic, so we’ve come up with our top four tooth fairy tips:

  1. The tooth fairy may be really excited about the first visit to your house, but it’s important to start traditions that can be kept up until children have all their adult teeth – this could be a good few years!
  2. Does the tooth fairy sometimes forget to visit? Pop a sticky note (blank will do) in the way of your toothbrush to remember at bedtime.
  3. Make sure your child leaves the tooth wrapped up just underneath and at the edge of the pillow – that way the tooth fairy won’t wake anyone up when in action.
  4. Sometimes the tooth fairy leaves a trail of glitter or a little note congratulating the child on a lovely white tooth and brilliant cleaning!

It’s never too early to encourage your children to have a great healthy teeth routine. Julie Mitchell is elleven’s Paediatric Dental Specialist and (apart from giving great tooth fairy tips), Julie is dedicated to providing our younger patients with a positive experience of dental care by creating a comfortable and relaxed environment.

She aims to encourage children to make the transition to adulthood with an excellent attitude to dental care: “I’m passionate about making sure visits to the dentist are very positive experiences for children, and making the oral health routine fun so that they really do enjoy looking after their teeth.”

If you’d like to ensure your children receive the highest quality dental care, please give us a call on 0207 487 2711 to arrange an appointment.