Our National Smile Transformation winner came in last week all smiles and positivity – a completely different person to the one we met a few months ago.

Julie is progressing through treatment nicely and has had some intensive hygienist sessions and a lower brace fitted – “my gums are so much better, my mouth feels so much cleaner and I just keep looking in the mirror at them thinking how great they look. It’s definitely been worth it and I can’t wait to see the final results”.

Julie is now a compulsive inter-dental brush user (something we should all aspire to be!) and has got her electric toothbrush technique down to a fine art so the tips and instructions she has been given by the team have been a success.

Julie was incredibly anxious when she first came to see us, it took a lot of reassurance to get her comfortable enough to start treatment. “I was very dental-phobic when I first came but elleven is such a relaxing environment, everyone is so lovely and there are no dental smells so now I actually look forward to coming. If you compare me to how I was at other dentists previously I’m a completely different person.” She was most anxious about her appointment with our periodontist, Petros, due to the injections that she would need. She even shed a few tears at the start but said the appointment was “completely painless and Petros was wonderful and put me completely at ease”.