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elleven is set in the heart of the Harley Street district and is the leading Orthodontics practice for children and adults in London. Specialist Orthodontists identify the optimal treatment and the right kind of brace for each individual.

Voted Best Practice in London, our expertise and state-of-the-art technology deliver a healthy, straight smile as discreetly and quickly as possible – ideal for adults seeking the smile they have always desired or parents who want to invest in getting their child’s bite and smile just right.

Benefits of orthodontics:

  • Good appearance, great smile and improved self esteem
  • Straight teeth are easier to clean reducing the risk of decay and gum disease
  • Reduced risk of accidental injury to protruding teeth
  • Re-arranging teeth to improve the bite
  • Elimination of stress on jaw points and abnormal tooth wear
  • Preparation of teeth for future restorative care
Treatment Plans Invisalign Metalic Ceramic Invisible (Lingual)
Inside/Outside Outside Outside Outside Inside
SureSmile 30% Acceleration
Fixed/Removable Removable Fixed Fixed Fixed
Jaw Surgery
6 Month Smiles
Approximate Treatment Time 5-15 months 6-18 months 6-18 months 6-18 months
Damon System Available


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