Our teeth are incredibly important to our overall health. Gum disease chipped and decayed teeth, and poor hygiene have broader implications for our well-being than it would seem, meaning a dentist can help you treat problems now to avoid worse problems in the future.

But finding the right dentist is difficult. Dentists not only require an incredible amount of training and education to practice, but they also must possess the right bedside manner to really connect with patients.

Here at Elleven Dental, we do all in our power to provide exemplary service to London in all areas of patient care. Every interaction we have is carefully and thoughtfully conducted to ensure our patients feel comfortable and safe in our office.

To better help you understand what makes a dentist good, we’ve written this guide to help you make the decision that works best for you. Without further ado, let’s talk about the signs to look for to identify a reputable London dentist.

1. Credentials & Education

When selecting a dentist, it’s first important to confirm they have the right academic qualifications.

The education of a dentist in the UK is intense. It’s comprised of a minimum of five years in dental school and one to two years of Dental Foundation Training (DFT) or Vocational Training (VT) in a supervised environment.

After the completion of dental school, dentists in the UK must register with the General Dental Council (GDC). The GDC outlines all the specific ethical guidelines to which a dentist must adhere. A good dentist will provide you with their GDC registration number and their full post-nominal title, which refer to the string of letters after their name.

For example, you’ll commonly see “BDS” after a dentist’s name, which indicates they’ve earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree. There are dozens of other additional titles possible depending on where a dentist studied and what they specialised in, so it’s best to do a little online searching for titles you’re not familiar with.

On our website, you’ll find the exact titles of our staff, including short biographies detailing each educational journey. We understand the incredible about of trust patients give us, so we’re dedicated to proving we’re worthy of that trust by being honest about our qualifications.

2. Responsive Staff

From the moment you pick up the phone, you should be greeted with cheerful staff ready to help start the dental process. During your visit, all your questions should be answered promptly, staff should treat you respectfully, and you should feel the focus remains on your oral health at every point.

Our patient journey begins with that initial phone call, where a staff member will work to arrange an appointment that works best to you and collect information on what you’re seeking. From there, we apply equal amounts of care and attention to the examination, the consultation, treatment, and aftercare phases.

We’ll work hard to ensure we fully and completely understand your unique dental situation and that you understand it, too. We’ll help formulate a plan to help you attain and keep your good oral health. The team at Elleven Dental specialises in general dentistry, orthodontics, dental implants and surgery, and so much more. No matter your situation, we have an expert available to answer your questions at every step of the way.

3. The Right Services

Some practices are quite limited in scope regarding the services they offer, requiring you to make additional visits to other offices if you need specialised care. This juggling of office locations and the back and forth of medical records can lead to lapses in care or unsatisfactory services. When all technicians and dental experts are located in one place, however, you’re able to receive more cohesive and personalised care.

While all of our services deal with oral and dental health, we do more than just routine check-ups and cleanings. We also offer advanced orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, as well as cosmetic procedures.

In other words, we focus on the health and appearance of your entire mouth. Our mouths and teeth are complex, incredibly unique, and often more sensitive than they look. By having a range of options for our patients – including our pediatric patients – we can run a rather tight ship and keep all you need in one spot.

4. Awards & External Recognition

While all dentists undergo the same minimum training to earn their title, the best of the best stand out with industry awards gained after consistent demonstrations of excellence.

Here at Elleven Dental, we’re proud of the awards we’ve earned over the years. They’re symbols of our dedication to our patients and our practice, of the hard work we put in, and of the standards we set for meritorious care.

Certainly, good dentists without awards can be found all throughout the country. But those with external recognition have concrete proof of their quality and record of service.

5. Testimonials & Recommendations

Your eyes may normally fly by testimonials and star ratings when conducting online research, but you may want to start taking a closer look. Most can speak to the technical side of visiting the dentist – getting their teeth cleaned well and cavities filled efficiently – but the best testimonials will describe the personalities of the staff, how welcoming the office was, and whether or not the dentist took the time to fully understand their needs and concerns.

We’ve worked to gather reviews and testimonials from some of our clients to give prospective patients a better understanding of what they’ll encounter after stepping inside our office.

In addition to testimonials on the web, you may want to tap your friends and family for their opinions. If someone close to you can give you a first-hand account of a dental practice and answer any questions you have on the spot, you may get a more detailed understanding of the quality of the practice.

If you have any questions about our practice, our services, our staff, or any part of the patient journey at Elleven, please contact us! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have so you can make the right choice for your dental health.

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