Although we’re known for our award-winning Orthodontics, elleven Dental is a multidisciplinary dental practice.  Our orthodontic specialist, Dr Anthony Lam, and Treatment Coordinator, Kirsty Rodger, explains what that means and why it is important.

elleven Dental is a multidisciplinary dental practice which means we have a whole range of specialist dentists and practitioners onsite, not simply our orthodontics team.

As one of London’s leading orthodontic specialists, we are known for our orthodontic treatments – but our multidisciplinary approach is a key part of this success.

“We’re not unique in our integrated approach,” explains orthodontic specialist Dr Anthony Lam.  “But the expertise of the clinicians here is excellent.  It is vital for the way we work.  We’re not aiming for a good result or even a great result – we’re aiming for an excellent result; the best possible result.  And this requires a truly holistic approach.”

While patients usually first contact an orthodontist for aesthetic reasons, elleven takes a long-term view.  Aesthetics is important – but the health of the teeth is paramount.

Dr Lam explains, “We want to address the aesthetic concerns but also, crucially, we want to ensure the health of the teeth will be good for the long term.  We take great pride in making sure we look at a patient’s treatment from a really global perspective and plan for the next ten to twenty years.”

What does multidisciplinary dental care mean in practice?

Taking a multidisciplinary approach to dental care means better outcomes for patients.

Our Treatment Coordinator, Kirsty Rodger, explains, “We’re not one of those practices that will rush in and put braces on teeth that are not periodontally stable.  People will come in for orthodontics who haven’t had a check-up for two years.  The first thing we’ll say, is either have a check-up with us or see your general dentist for a check-up.  Health and aesthetics are equally important, but health has to come first.”

Of course, one of the great things about coming to a multidisciplinary dental practice for orthodontics is that we can do all this on site – you can have your check-ups and even your hygiene visits before starting your orthodontic treatment – and during!

It’s convenient and it means you’re starting your treatment with healthy teeth.

Choosing the best treatment for every patient

Each patient and each treatment result has an infinite number of possible permeations, explains Dr Lam.

“Patients may be tempted to go for a quick fix elsewhere – but this may mean they need to sacrifice more of the tooth because a different dentist won’t be as conservative as we would like to be.  We take a great deal of care agreeing the best treatment plan to suit the patient – so that we intervene as little as possible while providing the optimum treatment.”

It is only possible to do this when you have a multidisciplinary team with an integrated approach that really draws on all the different expertise and specialities.

To experience the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach for yourself, book an appointment with the elleven Dental team.