Our Treatment Coordinator, Kirsty Roger, explains why comparing monthly price promises doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the cost of your orthodontic treatment.

“We try to avoid monthly pricing promises because they can be misleading,” says Kirsty Rodger, Elleven Dental’s Treatment Coordinator.

“I know some companies promise low monthly prices, but sometimes that doesn’t tell you the whole story about the cost of your treatment.  It’s really important to check what is included when you compare the cost of your orthodontic treatment,” Kirsty explains.

We Focus on Achieving the Best Results

Elleven Dental is focused on achieving the best results for all our patients.

That’s why we work hard to design a bespoke treatment plan with each of our clients.  Once you’ve decided what you want, the cost of your treatment plan is set in stone.  If we agree to to extend the duration of your treatment, you won’t find yourself paying more.

The fees we’ve agreed remain the same: it takes as long as it takes to give you the best result possible.  And however long it takes, you don’t need to worry about nasty surprises or extra payments.

Kirsty says, “Whether it’s twelve or eighteen months, the fees are the same!”

At Elleven Dental You Receive Gold-Standard Treatment Packages

At Elleven Dental, we aim to offer the gold-standard in everything we do.

Kirsty says, “This means you won’t pay separately for review appointments, or retainers, or for emergency payments – it’s all included.  You don’t need to worry about adding to the cost of treatment if you have a concern about some aspect of your treatment.  Simply call in and book an appointment when you need to.  We can even include visits to the hygienist within your treatment plan.”

What Is Included in an Orthodontic Treatment Plan?

At a minimum, your orthodontic treatment plan with Elleven Dental will include:

  • Brace fitting on the day your brace goes on
  • An appointment with a dental nurse to coach you how to clean your teeth with your brace on – so we can ensure you are comfortable about maintaining immaculate oral hygiene throughout your orthodontic treatment
  • All adjustment appointments
  • Any emergency appointments you require
  • Brace removal on the day your brace is de-bonded
  • Fixed bonded retainers on your back teeth after your brace is de-bonded
  • Essex removable retainers to wear at night following your course of treatment
  • Three follow-up appointments to check your progress following treatment: one after three months, one after six months and one after a year.
  • A few treats along the way!

Really, everything is included in the package.

Kirsty says, “Our patients often don’t realise the value they are getting!  You just don’t see these things when you are online comparing prices.  It’s really important to book an appointment and find out what’s included so you can compare like with like!”