One thing we get asked a lot at elleven Dental is why our initial orthodontic consultations aren’t free – as some are advertised.  Our Treatment Coordinator Kirsty Rodger explains how not all orthodontic consultations are created equal.

When you have your first appointment regarding an orthodontic treatment, it’s natural to have a lot of questions.  Our consultations are designed to give you the answers you need.

“Our consultations are so, so thorough!” says Kirsty, “Nobody ever leaves a consultation here disappointed – they always feel like they’ve had every penny of their pound, even if they were initially reluctant to pay the £190 for the initial consultation because they have seen them advertised elsewhere for less.  The fact is, even if others are cheaper, our consultations are better value – because you just don’t get the same time elsewhere.”

We always book an hour for an initial consultation.

This includes time with our orthodontic therapist, Farah, time with one of our specialist orthodontists and time with Kirsty.

Kirsty explains: “First, Farah will take clinical photos of the face, teeth and profile.  This allows the patient to chat about what’s on screen and we can compare their mouth with other similar cases we’ve treated.”

After this, the patient will go through to see one of our specialist orthodontists for a thorough examination.

“We’ll take their measurements, with a full-mouth 3D scan, and the orthodontist will chat with the patient about their photos and discuss the various brace options,” Kirsty advises.

“Then the patient will come and talk with me for about 20 minutes.  This gives the patient time to talk through the different options.  I’ll provide information about the sequence of appointments required and what to expect throughout the treatment.”

Kirsty can offer first-hand advice about this, because she has recently completed her own treatment journey using our fixed ceramic braces.

“I’ve had braces myself, so I’m a great person to ask questions of!” Kirsty smiles.  “Then we can go over fees, payment options, finance options and so forth.  This means that during that initial consultation, everything is included that will help you make a decision about what you’d like to go ahead with.”

What’s more, we always welcome our clients back for a second consultation at no extra cost.

“We try to book that second appointment in at the end of the initial consultation,” explains Kirsty.  “At that second consultation, you might want to bring in someone with you – as a second pair of eyes or ears – or simply a list of questions about what we discussed last time.  Sometimes, after you’ve gone away and thought about what treatment you’d like to have, more questions might arise.  Or, perhaps you’ve had a check-up with your regular dentist before commencing treatment and we need to review that.  Either way, this second appointment gives us all a chance to review your treatment plan before we start.”

This thoroughness ensures that you won’t find any hidden costs along the way – and you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about your treatment before you begin your treatment journey.

For more information, or to book an initial consultation, please contact Kirsty on 0207 487 2711.