A smile is a non-verbal form of communication that is universally understood; however, not all smiles are the same…

To highlight National Smile Month (19th May – 19th June), elleven, London’s award-winning, highly specialist dental and orthodontic practice, reveal the eleven most popular smiles and the hidden meanings behind them.

Celebrities embracing their unique smiles include:

  • Slow and tentative smile

This is a lingering smile, one that is authentic and flirtatious. This smile is one that looks like the start of a smile, rather than a full beamer.

Celeb smile wearer: Megan Fox.

  • Laughing smile

This is a real belter, always open-mouthed and often with the head thrown backwards and eyes closed. This is a smile that cannot be helped.

Celeb smile wearer: Emma Thompson and Sandra Bullock.

  • Natural ‘Duchenne’ smile

Named after the scientist who coined the natural smile, the natural smile engages facial muscles at both ends of the mouth as well as around the eyes.

Celeb smile wearer: Julia Roberts.

  • Bemused smile

Raised eyebrows, and lips slightly hooked on one side is a half-smile. A smile that says ‘You are crazy’ or ‘I have no idea what you are talking about’.

Celeb smile wearer: Keira Knightley.

  • Proud Smile

Often close-mouthed, with the corners of the mouth slightly turned up. With intent and often watery eyes – this is a proud smile.

Celeb smile wearer: Michelle Obama.

  • Fake or ‘Photograph’ Smile

This is a smile with nothing around the eyes. It involves a blank stare and exposure of teeth. Celebrities can often be seen sporting this smile. With so many photos taken of them, it’s hard to use our facial muscles for an extended period of time.

Celeb smile wearer: Demi Moore

  • The Smize

Coined by Tyra Banks, this ‘smile with your eyes’ is about bringing intensity to your eyes, whilst the rest of your face remains relaxed.

Celeb smile wearer: Tyra Banks

  • His and Hers Smile

Couples often adopt matching smiles as a hallmark of a happy relationship. Couples can often subconsciously mimic the expression of their significant other. This shows their connection.

Celeb smile wearers: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

  • ‘Come Hither’ Smile

Soft, yet direct eyes, and mouth slightly open, the ‘Come Hither’ smile is coy and flirty. Wearers often touch their face to indicate preening.

Celeb smile wearer: Emma Watson.

  • Trying Not To Laugh Smile

This is very similar to the natural ‘Duchenne’ smile, but the mouth is more open, as if about to let out a laugh.

Celeb smile wearer: Carey Mulligan.

  • Loving smile

Head tilted slightly to one side, with an intent gaze on subject, the loving smile is soft and natural and expresses warmth and love.

Celeb smile wearer: Kate Middleton.