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Missing teeth can cause a range of problems

Luckily, dental implants are now relatively easy and can look indistinguishable from your real teeth, provided you have them installed by skilled dentists at a leading practice like elleven Dental.

Dental Implants Treatment in London

Dental Implants Treatment in London

Our London dental clinic team implants teeth within the bone, making them structurally identical to their natural counterparts. This can protect your bone, maintain tooth alignment and avoid facial.

We use Straumann SLActive implants, not only some of the highest quality implants on the market but also those offering one of the shortest treatment times.

Advantages include:

  • Quality
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Reduction in surgical time
  • Reduction in the risk of infection
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Single tooth gap

  • Tooth extracted due to trauma, infection, failed root filling, and/or root fracture
  • Crown keeps falling out and/or not enough tooth left to attach the crown
  • Repeated infections
  • Permanent tooth missing from birth

Solution: Implant-supported single crown

  • The dental implant looks and functions just like a natural tooth
  • No need to damage adjacent healthy teeth
  • Continued use (loading) prevent resorption shrinkage of the underlying jawbone
  • Dental Implant-supported tooth prevents lateral movement (drifting) of adjacent teeth and over-eruption of the opposite tooth
  • Very high and predictable long-term success after surgery (98 percent) with conventional oral hygiene dental care

Alternatives to Dental Implant Treatment

Leave a gap

  • Unsightly
  • May impair eating, smile, speech, confidence
  • Bone and gum in the gap will shrink
  • Positions of adjacent opposing teeth will be distorted over time

Conventional bridge

  • Healthy adjacent teeth need to be damaged to attach/support the bridge, thus compromising their long term health
  • Jawbone supporting the gum beneath will shrink due to lack of use
  • Extra stress on supporting teeth during chewing
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Multiple Tooth Dental Implant 

Multiple tooth dental implants are more complicated, but elleven Dental clinic is more than up to the challenge of this treatment! Usually, the fitting of multiple implants will be a two-stage process – initially, the dental implant is installed by the dentist and covered by gum, then an abutment is attached by the dentist at a later date.

Usually, a temporary tooth replacement is put in place, followed by a 3-6 month healing period, before the final abutment installation. However, the procedure rarely causes patients discomfort.

Dental implants are the best treatment for those patients with multiple missing teeth, particularly in the back of the mouth, where a dental implant will provide stability and the ability to eat whatever you want.

Problem: More than one tooth missing

  • Poorly fitting partial dentures or a failing tooth-supported bridge
  • Patient unable to chew properly and eat what they want
  • Food gets stuck under your dentures leading to embarrassment or discomfort whilst eating
  • Loose teeth or not enough of them to support bridges

Solution: Permanently fixed bridge supported by dental implants

  • Eat anything you choose
  • Dental implant looks and works just like natural teeth
  • Fixed in place, no need to remove it to clean
  • No need to damage adjacent healthy teeth with this procedure
  • Should last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and professional maintenance
  • Prevent shrinkage of underlying bone

Alternatives to teeth implant treatments

Replacement tooth-supported bridge

  • This dental procedure is only possible if supporting teeth on either side can still be used
  • Maintains chewing stress on the supporting teeth reducing their useful life
  • Should be viewed as a temporary treatment, if supporting teeth are failing

Larger tooth-supported bridge

  • Larger bridges put even more stress on the supporting teeth at either end
  • If the gap is at the back of the mouth, a bridge may not be an option
  • Needs replacing from time to time
  • Bone beneath the bridge shrinks, due to lack of use, leaving a gap

Partial denture

  • Dentures can be loose and uncomfortable, with food trapping beneath whilst eating
  • Causes the bone and gum beneath the denture to shrink
  • The clips which secure the denture can damage other teeth

Leave a gap

  • Unsightly compared to a dental implant
  • May impair eating, smile, speech, confidence
  • Bone and gum in the gap will shrink
  • Position of adjacent and opposing teeth can move over time causing other problems

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