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Emergency dentists Harley Street - elleven dental

Emergency Dental Care
Our 24 hour emergency dentists is at your disposal when you need it the most. No one can predict the onset of searing dental pain or a sudden fall that results in the discomfort and unsightly damage of a broken tooth. It is at times like these that you want to place your treatment in the hands of the best emergency dentist in London. Our 24 hour emergency dentists in Harley Street provide a rapid response for these eventualities.

Emergency Dentists in Harley Street

Emergency dentist Harley Street - elleven dental

Emergency Dentists in Harley Street

Anyone who has suffered the agony of searing dental pain brought on by an emerging wisdom tooth or an abscess will attest to the urgency of receiving immediate emergency dental treatment.

Aside from the obvious discomfort, the possibility of a spreading infection caused by an underlying dental problem may result in serious health complications. Although some people may feel reluctant to seek emergency dental care for fear of causing an inconvenience, we would urge anyone suffering from serious pain or dental damage to contact a 24-hour emergency dentist.

Emergency dentists in Harley Street - elleven dental

Why you may require emergency dental services?

If you are suffering from a dental issue and your symptoms include pain, swelling and a fever you may be suffering from an infection that requires urgent treatment. Please contact us urgently to seek assistance.

Some of the most common problems our emergency dental services deal with are:

  • Toothache
  • A chipped tooth
  • A loose tooth
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Lost teeth due to impact
  • Pain, irritation or swelling of the gums or soft tissues
  • Damaged orthodontic appliance

Our emergency dentist Harley Street

As the best emergency dentists in London, elleven dental offer a full range of emergency dental services including repairs to broken or chipped teeth or crowns, emergency tooth repair repairs in the case of lost fillings, emergency tooth extraction, emergency diagnosis and pain relief treatments.

elleven dental’s team of emergency dentists in Harley Street understand that even seemingly small issues such as a chipped tooth require immediate attention, especially for clients with busy travel schedules or who make regular public appearances. As the best emergency dentist in London we are proud to offer our clients a rapid and responsive service to suit their needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact our 24 hour emergency dental service for any urgent concerns. Our emergency dentists in Harley Street are at your disposal to provide urgent treatment and solutions for any urgent dental issues. Get in touch on 0207 487 2711.

Emergency dentists in Harley Street - elleven dental

“Never before have I actually looked forward to the dentist, however, elleven Dental provide such a calming, relaxed and professional environment and service, every visit is a true pleasure, which ends with brilliant results.”

James Caan

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Fearne Cotton patient at Elleven Dental

“The team at elleven are brilliant, really welcoming and always make me feel at ease.”

Emma Watson

“Thanks so much – you are all so talented.”

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