A lost dental filling can be caused my many different reasons.

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About This Condition

This can be due to:

  • Biting into hard and sticky foods
  • Old fillings that wear away with time
  • An fillings that may have been temporarily repaired
  • A temporary filling left in place for too long
  • Newly formed decay underneath the filling that has enlarged the void

Patients may find that a lost fillings could:

  • Lead to sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks due to the exposure of underlying tooth structure
  • They may find that food gets stuck in the void
  • They may also find the tooth is now sharp and cutting into their tongue or cheek

Whilst patients are waiting for their appointment, their are a few easy things they can do to help protect the tooth:

  • Apply temporary dental cement – to cover sensitive parts of the tooth and protect the tooth by acting as a barrier, providing temporary relief. This can be purchased from your local pharmacy

An examination from your general dentist will diagnose the reason for your lost filling and then they will devise a treatment plan to rectify the problem.

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