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We may like coming to a dental practice every day, but we recognise we’re pretty rare in that. Most people would rather get through their orthodontic treatment as fast as possible, provided they can still get amazing results.

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SureSmile, a new way of crafting braces, makes exactly this possible. By using advanced 3D imaging, virtual simulations and robots to bend customised arch wires, rather than bending them by hand

A specialist orthodontist treating you with a SureSmile programme is capable of unprecedented precision. We are one of the few practitioners to use SureSmile in London.

You’ve probably heard from friends or family members that wearing braces is a long-term commitment, taking two years on average. While that may be true of traditional orthodontic treatment, it’s not true for SureSmile.

Through the use of SureSmile’s sophisticated 3D imaging, computerised treatment planning, and customised shape memory alloy arch wires, your specialist elleven Dental Wellness orthodontists can reduce dental treatment time from that of conventional braces by 30%. This means that your teeth go precisely where we want them to the first time around. With SureSmile, you get to finish your dental treatment earlier (not that we’re trying to get rid of you!)

Sure smile technology uses:

3D diagnostic imaging with the OraScanner (rather than plaster models and x-rays) with computerised treatment plan modelling that allows us to determine the final position of your teeth and most effective treatment plan.

Robotic technology enables wires to be bent at a high heat (more precisely than a human) for your specific smile.

Precision ‘smart’ wires that are more comfortable and accurate than the usual wires used by orthodontists. They are designed to deliver the gentle forces needed to move your teeth consistently and directly to their desired position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Less time in braces!
The average reduction in treatment time is 30%
Fewer visits to the practice.
Less discomfort due to advanced precision wires.
Fewer wire changes.

The scan procedure is the beginning of your SureSmile treatment. We use a white light-emitting scanner to scan your teeth. This advanced imaging technology allows us to better analyse the orientation and position of your teeth.

The scanning appointment is approximately 2 hours. During the appointment Sure white a white paste will be applied to dry the surface of the teeth. The image of your teeth needs to be captured accurately with the scanner hence It is very important not to move during the scan. We will give you more instructions at the time of the scan. In addition to your scan, we will need to take current records including photos and radiographs to record your treatment progress.

After taking your scan, we will send it to the SureSmile Digital Lab where individual tooth models will be made. Then the doctor will examine the 3-D model and determine the design needed for your SureSmile custom arch wires, which we will insert at your next appointment.

In traditional treatment, a patient receives standard wires that the doctor must bend by hand over multiple appointments to get the teeth perfectly aligned. With SureSmile, the orthodontist moves models of your teeth on the computer into the best outcome for your teeth and bite. A set of wires are robotically bent hence custom-made for you. What this means for you is: Less time in braces! The average reduction in treatment time is 40% (equivalent to 6-9monhs), Fewer visits to the office, Less discomfort due to advanced precision wires, Fewer wire changes

Because the brackets and wires work together to move your teeth, please closely follow the instructions you received at the beginning of treatment to avoid accidentally damaging or knocking off your brackets. If you lose brackets after your scan, you may need to come back in for another scanning appointment. Not only is that inconvenient for you, but it delays your treatment.
Please contact the practice immediately if you have any concerns with your aligner.

“Never before have I actually looked forward to the dentist, however, elleven Dental provide such a calming, relaxed and professional environment and service, every visit is a true pleasure, which ends with brilliant results.”

James Caan

“Amazing. If I was in the den I would definitely be in!”

“The team at elleven are brilliant, really welcoming and always make me feel at ease.”

“Thanks so much – you are all so talented.”

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