Covid Policy

Our procedures for your safety

With the current national lockdown, we would like to advise our patients that all our clinical services will remain fully operational as per the government and regulatory guidelines. We shall provide ALL ROUTINE and EMERGENCY dental care. Our operating hours will remain the same. Please assume all your appointments are going ahead as usual unless you are contacted by the practice.

We have remained committed to providing safe and COVID secure dental treatments to all our patients. Even more importantly, we wanted to let you that since we reopened in June, we have had absolutely no transmission between clinician to patient and vice versa despite seeing thousands of patients.  We remain understandably vigilant and will continue to invest in our patients’ safety.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.


This policy document provides an overview of the operating procedures that will be followed to provide a safe environment to patients and staff despite COVID-19.

This document draws on current guidance from the UK dental professional bodies and UK government. The world is still learning about COVID-19 and as such this guidance is constantly evolving. We will continue to keep abreast of any new guidance issued or new information available and will reflect any changes in this policy over time. Our processes, both administrative and clinical, will differ from our previous routines. There will be differences in the way we do things at elleven Dental Wellness

We apologise for the inconvenience to all our patients that this disease has caused. Our aim is to continue to provide the high level of service and clinical practice that our patients deserve and in an environment that continues to be safe for all. We thank all our patients and staff in advance for understanding and help with these new or different ways of practicing. Your feedback is much appreciated and will help us evolve our processes over time.


The practice has remained open for telephone advice and non-interventional care throughout this time. Clinical practice was temporarily stopped completely in all dental practices across England, consistent with lockdown regulations, in all but a few specially set up government run centres across the country.

We are now able to open again for clinical work for our patients, with some restrictions remaining on certain higher risk interventions. We will expand our range of services to meet the requirements of our patients as guidance changes and as safety allows.

From Monday 8th June, we will be able to provide the following services:

  • Care for essential treatment
  • Care for other dental problems that require urgent assessment and treatment
  • Orthodontic reviews and care
  • Restrictions remain for some higher risk procedures

Patient Communication and Consent

We will continue to run a system of scheduled appointments. Patients with appointments cancelled over the past weeks will be contacted to find a convenient time to reschedule. Patients are welcome to call the practice to request new or rescheduled appointments at any time during our provisional working hours 0900 to 1800 Monday to Friday.

Our telephones remain open and we wish to make any requests for new appointments or rescheduling previously postponed appointments as easy and convenient for you as we can. Please call us if you have any questions or requests.

We hope you have remained safe throughout this period. If you have been unwell or your medical history has changed in any way, please let us know. We will ask for any amendments to your medical record before you attend.

In line with standard medical or dental care, we will continue to ask for your consent to treatment. The guidance issued by the government and other national professional bodies do require that we take additional precautions to keep you, our patients, and our staff safe during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. These additional precautions will entail a small additional cost; we wish to reiterate that these extra precautions are for your safety.

Before Attending the Practice

Please return a pre-attendance assessment form at least three days before your appointment. It is essential for your safety and that of others that we update your medical assessment ahead of your appointment. We will be unable to proceed without it.

Please let us know if you have or think you have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 virus) in the last month. For your safety and that of the staff and other patients, we ask that you schedule your appointment with us one month after the time of your first symptoms or suspected or proven COVID-19.

The majority of appointments will continue to be face to face in the practice. We will offer some preliminary consultations by video conferencing or telephone; such appointments will usually be for advice, treatment planning or follow up. The lower infection risk and cost of such appointments may suit some patients and situations.

If your appointment is urgent or cannot be postponed, we will arrange to see you, even if you are considered high risk. Under these circumstances, we will schedule your appointment at the beginning of our clinical session and will operate with no other patients in the practice and with a minimum staffing number. To find out whether you are in a high or very high-risk group please see the link here.

In the interests of minimum contact, to minimise surface to surface spread of infections, we ask for payments to be made by bank transfer, internet banking or by telephone ahead of your appointment where possible.

Please allow time to travel to your appointment so that you are on time. We will also endeavour to run to time as closely as possible with every patient. We recognise that some patients require longer than initially anticipated and we will always try to give all patients the time they need, including you. We will be building in sufficient time in our appointment system to allow for this and thank you for your understanding and assistance in this in advance.

Arriving at the Practice

We will, for reasons of heightened infection control, limit the number of patients in the practice at any one time. This means that we cannot admit patients to the building ahead of time. On your arrival, please knock on the front door. We will meet you at the front door and bring you straight into the surgery. One adult is able to attend with a child, elderly patient or any adult requiring assistance; please do not bring additional family members with you.

When you enter the practice, we will welcome you, and ask for you to remove any outer coat or jacket. You will be asked to wash your hands on entering the building and before leaving. Hand sanitiser will also be provided for your use.

We will record your temperature. If your temperature is above 38°C, we will be unable to proceed that day and you will be asked to return home and self-isolate as per current government guidelines.

When using the restroom, please do your best to ensure that you leave the facilities as you would expect to find them and wash your hand thoroughly. The restrooms will be disinfected between patients.

Infection Control for the Practice Environment

Non-clinical surfaces and frequently touched areas will be cleaned according to national guidance for health care premises. Infection control procedures will follow national guidance. You will notice a difference. These additional precautions have been introduced to reduce the chance of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

We will be providing a buffer period between patients to allow additional time for additional decontamination procedures, allow for any treatment overruns and allow preparation time for the next patient so that they do not need to wait in the reception area.

If you have any questions or are uncomfortable in any way with our processes, please tell us. We appreciate that these requirements will bring some inconveniences for you, but we hope that this is more than compensated for by the greater safety that this gives you. We hope you agree.

Please ensure that you are easily contactable on the day of your appointment in particular so that we can make any last minute adjustments to your appointment or those of other patients. We do not want to keep anyone waiting. Please let us know immediately if you are unavoidably running late; this is easier to accommodate for if we know in advance, but sometimes as a last resort may necessitate rescheduling of your appointment.

If you wish to book your next appointment, we ask for this to be done by telephone rather than in person after your appointment in order to minimise your time in the practice and to allow us to be on time for other patients.

Infection Control and Clinical Procedures

We will continue to provide our usual infection control measures, which are highly effective against the spread of infectious agents including viruses. In addition to our usual precautions, we have introduced new measures as advised by our national bodies and the UK government because of the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in our community.

A dental practice is already a very clean environment compared to public areas and there has been no national or international evidence of COVID-19 transmission occurring in increased rates in dentists or their staff.

We have collectively evaluated all of the updated guidance and observed what measures have been put in place in other countries. We feel that the measures which are outlined in this policy will reduce risk to the minimum level at the practice.

We may ask you to use an antiviral mouthwash before some dental treatments are provided. Rubber dam or other barrier mechanisms will be used for more procedures than previously. Please be assured that all of our clinical staff will be complying with our updated procedures to reduce the risk of cross infection in both directions.


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we restart our clinical service to you with these new measures. These measures have been introduced for your safety and that of our staff and are mandated by the government and our national professional bodies.

We recognise that these new measures come with additional inconvenience and cost to you, but it is our intention to keep this as minimal as possible. We hope that as these new ways of working evolves, that not only do we find them to be delivered smoothly, but that we might even find new and better ways of working than we had before, improving the service and quality of care to you.

Your feedback is not just welcome but specifically requested. Only by you telling us what you like and dislike can we adapt so that we can make it better for you while still adhering to the necessary regulations and keeping safe for you and for others.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or your dental care at Blandy House Dental Practice then please contact us via reception or our website.

Please stay safe and well and we look forward to keeping you in good dental health.

With much appreciation



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COVID-19We are open as usual.

With the current national lockdown, we would like to advise our patients that all our clinical services will remain fully operational as per the government and regulatory guidelines. We shall provide ALL ROUTINE and EMERGENCY dental care. Our operating hours will remain the same. Please assume all your appointments are going ahead as usual unless you are contacted by the practice.