I found Elleven orthodontics through a recommendation by my dentist, Dr. Paul Abrahams. I had previously gone for consultation at various orthodontic practices around London, before choosing Elleven due to their level of professionalism and ability to accommodate my complicated case. When I first arrived and throughout my treatment, Elleven was always very welcoming to me and was more than willing to answer any and all of my questions. As my case was relatively complicated, Dr. Patel made sure to lay out the different care options I had in great detail, which confirmed my belief I chose the right orthodontic practice. I greatly appreciated how the choice of my care was solely up to me,  they simply gave me options and let me choose what I wanted to do.

I had started going to Elleven when I was around 13 years old, and had a single yearly visit in August. Each visit was the same recommendation, no braces, which was a bit disappointing to me since I personally wanted to be done with orthodontia work as early in my life as possible. However, I am so glad I waited the three years before putting on braces because it turned out for the best. Rather than rushing me to put on braces and start the treatment, Dr. Patel made sure to lay out various options and allowed me the time to discuss with my family on what should be done, so we could make the smartest decision possible. We decided on the treatment plan that included having jaw surgery, with no tooth implant for the incisor I was born without. Two years later and I am still more than content with the treatment that I chose. Dr. Patel always went above and beyond to make sure I was accommodated and as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Although Dr. Johnson was far away from where I lived, it was worth the travel to get out to Guildford. As he is one of the best in his particular field of orthopedic surgery, it was important to my family and me to get the best treatment possible. Dr. Patel recommended him and after one visit we knew he was the best option. Dr. Johnson was happy to answer all my questions. He was very thorough with the pre-surgery care and the post-surgery care, warning me of all the symptoms. He was very transparent with everything I would be feeling, mentally and physically. Overall, I am very happy with the result of the two surgeries, both wisdom teeth and jaw surgery, and I am very grateful for Dr. Johnson and all he has done for me throughout the past 2 years. Even with being back in America, Dr. Johnson has been very responsive to all my worries and questions I still have from recovery. It’s been almost a year since surgery and I am still so happy with my decision to follow through with it. 

Despite being pressed for time due to my schedule, Dr. Costa did an amazing job with my teeth. Before jumping into only one treatment plan, Dr. Costa gave me various options to choose from and the time necessary to be able to discuss with my family what the best option for me in the long run. I decided on the anterior composite bonding treatment. He was very thorough and made sure to ask my opinion throughout the treatment to make sure I was happy with what he was doing. 

I would just like to once again thank Dr. Patel, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Costa and anyone else who aided in my orthodontia journey these past few years. I could not be more grateful for how my teeth and jaw turned out.

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