Here at E11even Dental, we know it’s vital that patients understand the treatment they need and why, as well recognising the terminology we use. So, here are some dental definitions:


Early interceptive orthodontic treatment for children helps to avoid bigger problems as their adult teeth emerge. Most orthodontic treatment starts on children when all their adult teeth are through, but if these are erupting in a way that will be very difficult to deal with later, it can be helpful to intervene early.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with the alignment of teeth, usually with braces.

E11even Dental is a leading authority on orthodontic treatment in the Harley District of London.


Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies the supporting structures of the teeth and the diseases that affect them. The supporting structures or tissues are collectively known as the periodontium, which comprises the gums (or gingiva), cementum, alveolar region and periodontal ligament.

E11even Dental’s team of leading periodontics specialists are happy to explain procedures and answer any questions you may have.


In dentistry, a frenectomy is the removal of the frenulum – a small piece of gum between the two front teeth that, on some people, can give them a gap between these teeth. A frenectomy allows the teeth to be moved closer using braces.

A frenectomy is a minor surgery that specialists at E11even Dental perform regularly and with great success.


Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. The implant is a titanium rod that is inserted into the jaw bone where the tooth root would normally be. Bone grows around it and, when it is integrated, a post (or abutment) is attached to the rod and a crown, bridge or denture is placed over the abutment.

You can find out more about orthodontics and dentistry on our frequently asked questions page.